Ad industry veteran Gerson da Cunha dies aged 92


Da Cunha started his career as a journalist, then ran the Lintas advertising agency before working with UNICEF

Publicity man Gerson da Cunha, a multifaceted personality who was also very passionate about civic activism in recent years, died here on Friday. He was 92 years old.

Da Cunha, who started his career as a journalist working for the Press Trust of India after graduating in science and later branched out into advertising, has been associated with a slew of platforms engaged in civic activism , including AGNI (Action for Good Governance and Networking in India ).

Mumbai First, a public-private partnership which had him as a board member, said it was deeply saddened by Da Cunha’s passing. Senior reporter Rajdeep Sardesai recalled that Da Cunha had helped distressed Mumbaikars affected by the 1992-93 communal riots.

During a 25-year stint in the advertising industry, Da Cunha then led Lintas, one of the most formidable names in the advertising industry at the time, and moved into the industry. social, which had seen him work with UNICEF on global sites.

The work at UNICEF had earned him the honor of being honored by the Brazilian government with an “Order of Rio Branco” medal for his services to the Latin American country in 2018.


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