A well-established company will launch a sustained television advertising campaign

Alan Gordon

DM Hall is about to score his 125and anniversary this year with a sustained television advertising campaign on STV, initially focusing on the east of Scotland.

The company, one of Scotland’s largest independent chartered surveyor companies, says its campaign will use the slogan ‘No one values ​​your home more’. It aims to persuade consumers looking to sell their homes that DM Hall is an independent and highly trusted Home Reports vendor.

Alan Gordon, Senior Partner at DM Hall, said: “The residential property market in Scotland is extremely dynamic and we are determined to let property owners know that a property report from one of our highly qualified chartered surveyors qualified is their best opening decision when looking to sell. ”

“Our campaign aims to boost our profile with homeowners in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife. After all, we were founded in Edinburgh 125 years ago and our headquarters are still in the capital.

“The Home Report product has been around for almost 14 years now. However, since homeowners do not move often, it is still important to emphasize the requirement for a home report before coming to market and to point out that DM Hall is widely approved and accepted by lenders.

“Quite simply, it helps unlock your buyer’s mortgage funds, contributing to a quick transaction, which is especially important when you’re part of a real estate chain.

“Assuming the campaign works, as we hope, and we start to see an increase in enquiries, we will be looking to extend our airtime across Scotland.”

The first advert is due to air on STV’s Edinburgh area from today, with regular time slots, until 31 May.

Maggie Sheridan, Key Account Manager at STV, said: “DM Hall is celebrating its 125and anniversary this year and what better way to do that than by using STV to inform their target audience in the east of Scotland of the highly professional service on offer.

“The most critical feature of the campaign, in my opinion, is the team’s absolute commitment to sharing its message, as widely as possible; DM Hall can be trusted to provide sound advice, a quality independent report, fantastic customer service, and choosing DM Hall would be a wise choice to make.

“DM Hall has taken full advantage of the benefits offered by the STV Growth Fund, which gives potential advertisers the opportunity to obtain matching funding to finance a large-scale television advertising campaign. I’m sure it will turn out to be one of the best decisions they will make in their anniversary year.


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