24 Top Metaverse Advertising Agency Leaders and Experts

  • Brands are turning to ad agencies to make sense of marketing opportunities in the metaverse.
  • Agencies are responding by bringing together teams of digital, creative and strategic talent.
  • Insider profiled 24 ad agency executives who lead Web3 projects for major brands.

As the hype continues to build around the various promises of the metaverse, a growing number of brands are dipping their toes into virtual waters, releasing NFTs and goods to use in virtual lands.

This is a potential boon for ad agencies. Some are even launching dedicated Web3 divisions to help their customers learn and navigate the metaverse on their own. Field ? The arrival of the metaverse and its applications will usher in a virtual world where businesses and consumers will coexist as equals and can forge deeper connections with each other than with current media.

Insider profiles 24 ad agency executives who have led large-scale Web3 projects for major brands. We chose these people through our own reports and by calling for nominations. We looked at the types of brands individuals had worked with and whether they were able to demonstrate their success with tangible metrics. We considered all applications of Web3 technologies, including the use of metaverse, NFTs and blockchain.

One caveat: this isn’t an exhaustive list, given how quickly the space is moving and the fact that we’ve only started to see marketers’ attention turn to the metaverse than in the past year. We intend to publish a rehearsal list in 2023.


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