St. Louis ad agency tapped to lead Washington’s ‘Plan to Stay’ campaign | Local News


A St. Louis-based ad agency has been selected to lead a multi-state marketing campaign aimed at recruiting white-collar and blue-collar workers to Washington, according to an announcement by the Washington Young Professionals organization.

Jajo Agency was selected from four companies vying for the $30,000 ad campaign. The other companies were: Missourian Media Group, of Washington; the Timmermann group, from Saint-Louis; and Spectrum Reach Advertising, which has offices covering 94 different television markets in 27 states.

“What started as an hour-long interview (with Jajo) turned into a great two-hour chat that really showed that they understand what we’re trying to accomplish with this campaign,” Sal said. Maniaci, who is the Director of Community and Economic Development for Washington and a member of the Young Professionals Organization, a sub-organization of the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce.

The company has designed worker recruitment and other campaigns for manufacturing, aviation, food and beverage, retail, banking, healthcare, travel and hospitality companies. Hobbies. Specifically, the company worked on a rebranding for Fiber Dynamics, a Wichita, Kansas-based plastics manufacturer in the aerospace industry. Jajo has also worked with Textron Aviation, helping coordinate a campaign to commemorate the launch of its new line of Cessna aircraft, known as the Longitude. Another client, Andover State Bank, used Jajo’s design services to commemorate its centenary.

“Their past experience has really demonstrated that they understand these industries,” Maniaci said.

With an agency now selected to lead the campaign, Maniaci said conversations are ongoing about the campaign’s scope, timing and placement.

Maniaci said the young professionals organization is also talking with local industry leaders to see if specific companies want to sign up for the campaign and if additional fundraising is needed.

“We’ve never done anything like this before, and I would say $30,000 is not a small amount of money,” Maniaci said. “Our hope is that these ads will be shared across the bi-state region and that young people and people of all ages will see Washington as a place that is an attractive alternative to live.”

He said the campaign will use “Plan on Staying” videos that have already been produced and can be viewed on YouTube. “So if you love Washington,” he said, “one of the best things you can do to help the campaign and help the city grow is to share the videos and tell people why you love Washington.”


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